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Interview d'Idromy (Belgium)

On revient en Belgique avec l'interview d'Idromy qui a un incroyable talent pour créer des costumes époustouflants ! Just wow !

1.How long have you been cosplaying ?

I made my first cosplay in 2005 or 2006 around eight years ago. It wasn’t until 2008 when I got to know, and befriend, other cosplayers that I really started making more than one costume a year. In those years I saw the community grow bringing together more and more likeminded people. I can honestly say that I I’ve made a decent bunch of good friends and acquaintances because of cosplay.

2.Other hobbies or passions except cosplay ?

Definitly! I play table-top roleplay both Warhammer (fantasy setting) and dragon age once a month. I love board and party games, such as Munchkin, smallworld, Arkham Horror, Shadows over Camelot and a whole load of others. Occasionally i go to the movies like most others do, and during dinner I like to sit down on the couch and watch my favourite TV-shows or read a book. I used to play a lot of video games, unfortunately a full time job, cosplay and trying to maintain a healthy social life has made my time for those less and less. However I’m still looking forward to the Witcher 3 and the next Dragon age.

3.Are you going to local conventions ? And international ones ?

I try to visit most of the local conventions in Belgium, the next ones on the list are F.A.C.T.S. and Japan Expo Belgium. Each year I visit Japan expo Paris as well. Next month I’ll be attending New York ComicCon, and next year I hope to go to Eastern Europe comicCon, Animecon ( the Netherlands) and J-Popcon ( Denmark)as well.

4.Most cosplayers are making their costumes themselves, you too ?

Yes, building the cosplay or costume and seeing the end result is one of the biggest joy’s in my life. Each time I create something I learn new skills or get more ideas on how to use materials in the future. Sometimes I work at a friend’s place or them at mine, but each of us works on their own outfit. It’s more to motivate each other and have a chat while we work.

5.From what is a costume made of ?

I started with no real knowledge of how to make any kind of clothing, the best I could do was make a table cloth. So without help I made my first outfit which was Hand Maid May, it was ok as a start but clearly not sewn well. So I took it upon me to learn something new each year, be it sewing, prop work, drawing. Lately my costumes have been a mix of skills and techniques I accursed in the past. For instance the Avatar of Melandru had a tight stretch bodysuit, a handmade silk leaf skirt. And all the wooden pieces/skin on my body have been sculpted by hand, casted, moulded in latex and hand painted.

6.Some costumes looks heavy or hard to be in, did you ever had to wear such problematic costume ?

More times than I can count, however I have to say that even my biggest heaviest costume did not weight over 12 pounds. That one was Mateus the Corrupt from final fantasy 12. It was a crazy project and I worked with materials I had no experience in, but I just really wanted to make it. The most uncomfortable has to be the one crossplay I did because of the chest- binder I had to wear.

7.Any favorite costume ?

From my past cosplays I’d say the Avatar of Melandru and Asmodeus which is my own creation.

8.Once a costume has been used, what do u do with it ? Trashing or stocking it ?

I try to recycle as much as I can. If that’s not possible I’ll either sell it or store it. In the past I have trashed older cosplays but never by choice.

9.Making a costume requires some skills like sewing. But other skills are needed to make a weapon for example. How do you do your stuff ?

Step one is always research for me, if I don’t know something I’ll figure it out even if it means I need to learn a new skill set. I’m not going to count everything I’ve learned but it’s enough to deal with most things such as dresses, heavy armour or creatures. It’s always good to know a bit of everything when you’re a cosplayer.

10.A cosplayer buying costumes on ebay, is it evil ?

Absolutly not, it’s just one of the different aspects of cosplay. You have people creating difficult armours from scratch for their love of costuming. You have people who work on acts and skits to portray a character. People who visit a con dressed as their favourite game character just to show their love.
Only when you enter a costume contest should you have made the outfit yourself, but that speaks for itself.

11.Cosplay requires a lot of time. Is it hard to combine it with everyday life (job, studies…) ?

It is hard, I’m not going to lie about that. I juggle a fulltime job (38 hours),an unsteady part time job, a social life and all my hobbies. So far I haven’t had any trouble doing the things I love, but it can be tiring.

12.You have a budget for cosplay ?

No, it can be cheap or expensive if I really love the character or design enough I will cosplay it. But it’s importantthat you do your research and calculate your costs up front, that way you will never spend any money you don’t have. This being said I still manage to save money each month for my savings account. And last but not least. Never let cosplay come before your health, paying your bills and making sure you have money for basic needs.

13.Do you buy PVC figures ? Or GK (garage kits) ?


14.Any favorite anime or paper manga ?

I used to read plenty of manga’s but lately I find myself switching to comics and graphic novels. Some of my favourites include: skip-beat, Berserk, Bastard!!!, ouran highschool host club, Tokyo crazy paradise, Ayashi no Ceres.

15.Any future cosplay idea ?

I’m making two right now, Dragonher based off a drawing made by Ac Osorio. And Fenrir which is a creation of my own.

16.Playing on PC or console ? Playing MMO(RPG) ?
Before I lived by myself a console, then I moved out bought my first pc and switched to that.

17.Is your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous or upset when you wear sexy outfits for cosplay ?

I have an incredible boyfriend who doesn’t really care what I want to wear or who looks at what. He doesn’t always goes to conventions, but overall he’s really supportive of my hobby.

18.Does your family help you in your coslayer life ?

Sometimes I use my dad’s power tools especially when I need to build props, he’s always been cool with it. And this year, was the first time my mother saw me in a cosplay at a convention. That made me more nervous than facing a crowd while dressed-up. But they’re overall supportive of my hobby.

19.Ever encounter problems with other cosplayers (jealousy for ex) ?

Nothing big or problematic.

20.If you wanna say something to the world, here is your chance !

Don’t be afraid to take a step forward, even if it’s scary at first.

Page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IdromysCostumes

Page deviantart : http://idromy.deviantart.com

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