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Interview de LisVanPiece (Russia)

Un petit retour en Russie avec la belle LisVanPiece ! Vous excuserez le caractère un peu érotique des deux premières photos de l'interview... mais il n'y a pas de nu sur ces photos, et je crois que de nos jours, voir 2 filles ensemble n'a plus rien de choquant !


1. How long have you been cosplaying ?

More than 2.5 years.

2. Other hobbies or passions except cosplay ?

First thing is drawing. I loved to draw when i was a little girl, so now this hobby outgrown in my profession. Second thing is games. I like play fighting and adventure games. And many-many other things like reading books and watching cartoons!

3. Are you going to local conventions ? And international ones ?

Yes i'm visited fests in my city, but never been on fests in other countries. But i saw many videos of different fests, it's so funny!

4. Most cosplayers are making their costumes themselves, you too ?

50/50. My boyfriend helps me with craft.

5. From what is a costume made of ?

Oh, many different types of tissue!

6. Some costumes looks heavy or hard to be in, did you ever had to wear such problematic costume ?

I'm not sure i have a costumes which really hard to wear. Let's see, well, i think most problematic to wear is Rachel Alucard shoes. They haven't got heels, so i'm always afraid of falling back.

7. Any favorite costume ?

I think it's Vita from MSLN for now!

8. Once a costume has been used, what do u do with it ? Trashing or stocking it ?

Trying to sell them, surely.

9. Making a costume requires some skills like sewing. But other skills are needed to make a weapon for example. How do you do your stuff ?

I said in question #4 that my boyfriend helps me with hard work, but other things like painting or something like that i do by myself.

10. A cosplayer buying costumes on ebay, is it evil ?

 No, but they must say about it when someone will ask: " is you did it by yourself?". I hate liars who say it's their work, costume by their own hands, but it isn't it.

11. Cosplay requires a lot of time. Is it hard to combine it with everyday life (job, studies…) ?

Yes, but only if you work. When i'm studied in university, i had more time for it.

12. You have a budget for cosplay ?


13. Do you buy PVC figures ? Or GK (garage kits) ?


14. Any favorite anime or paper manga ?

Mahou shoujo, i think. And something dramatic. I can't choose one title.

15. Any future cosplay idea ?

Jam Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear series.

16. Playing on PC or console ? Playing MMO(RPG) ?

I have got a PC and PS1, but i played on many consols. I like RPG as genre, but mostly i play in fighting games!

17. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous or upset when you wear sexy outfits for cosplay ?

He says "MOOOOORE!", hahaha! ^^

18. Does your family help you in your coslayer life ?

Yes, i'll thank them for it.

19. Ever encounter problems with other cosplayers (jealousy for ex) ?

In real life, not yet.

20. If you wanna say something to the world, here is your chance !

Don't worry, be happy! Let's ROCK!


Page deviantart : http://lisvanpiece.deviantart.com

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