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Interview de Moon Fox Ultima (Australia)

Here we go again, here's the interview of the famous and amazingly beautiful Moon Fox Ultima from the land of Mad Max & Crocodile Dundee, yep, it's Australia !

1. How long have you been cosplaying ?

I have been cosplaying for about 5 years now, I only really started getting recognized and more well known at the start of last year though when I got back into it after a break!

2. Other hobbies or passions except cosplay ?

I love my games like a kitten loves tuna! I do much more talking about them then playing them I'm starting to believe, I love analysing games of a more psycological nature, I love reading between the lines and finding unsettling moments in somewhat upbeat and happy games! Oh and if you couldn't tell, I love my horror games! Ima lso getting into game development and design to make psycological horror games!

3. Are you going to local conventions ? And international ones ?

Definitely local, even some in other states! I'd like to make it a bit bigger before I would go overseas though, I'm not earning enough at the moment!

4. Are you going to local conventions ? And international ones ?

I've only ever bought a costume once! and that costume I cut up and used it as a pattern to make my own which was a zero suit samus suit!

5. From what is a costume made of ?

I particulary like working with PVC, It's a lazy/poor mans latex but I love the stuff! I only just got into making props also, expanding foam is a dream to work with and paper clay!

6. Some costumes looks heavy or hard to be in, did you ever had to wear such problematic costume ?

Morrigan was hard, I had a lot of trouble breathing with the corset and moving around in it, modeling for the shoot was rather difficult, having to pose awkwardly while upholing the wings which were ONLY attached by a plastic rod jammed in my corset heh

7. Any favorite costume ?

It's hard to choose my favourite costume, My proudest would have to be my Morrigan though I really liked the simplicity and feminine look of my Kasumi costume.

8. Once a costume has been used, what do u do with it ? Trashing or stocking it ?

I used to make cosplays disposable when I wasn't as good at sewing, they'd fall apart after some use. I keep mine now, incase I ever want to revisit a costume. Lots of cupboard space needed though ha!

9. Making a costume requires some skills like sewing. But other skills are needed to make a weapon for example. How do you do your stuff ?

Like I said before expanding foam is awesome for props and weapons. All of my night elf armour was my first attempt at armour making, I was rather pleased with it. Paper mache pulp and clay are wonders for details also.

10. A cosplayer buying costumes on ebay, is it evil ?

Definitely not, overpriced maybe, but not everyone can sew so It's understandable!

11. Cosplay requires a lot of time. Is it hard to combine it with everyday life (job, studies…) ?

Im a casual at my job at the moment so I only work around 3-4 days a week, I manage to make enough time for my beloved cosplay.

12. You have a budget for cosplay ?

I try to budget well but always go over my limit, My night elf costume cost me around $500 AUD. It's where a good portion of my paycheck goes!

13. Do you buy PVC figures ? Or GK (garage kits) ?

I'm more a plushie collector over figurines, I like things I can cuddle!

14. Any favorite anime or paper manga ?

My favourite anime is Witchblade, I felt a strong emotional connection to it, it may seem just like a load of fanservice but the story is touching beyond belief!

15. Any future cosplay idea ?

Bayonetta is my next upcoming big cosplay plan which its debut should be around october!

16. Playing on PC or console ? Playing MMO(RPG) ?

I prefer console gaming but games are a lot more easily accessible on PC, when I do play games on PC I usually use an xbox controller, not with MMOs though, Ive played a lot of WoW, probably the only non controller exception.

17. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous or upset when you wear sexy outfits for cosplay ?

Not at all, he is very supportive of what I do.

18. Does your family help you in your coslayer life ?

Not really, My mum helps with criticism and cleaning and that's about it haha.

19. Ever encounter problems with other cosplayers (jealousy for ex) ?

I think every cosplayer gets competitive and possessive at times when it comes to certain characters but usually the best thing is to remember why you started cosplay and forget the drama.

20. If you wanna say something to the world, here is your chance !

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to all of my supporters! This is a dream of mine and I always love portraying these amazing characters who we all look up to. I hope one day a lot more of you will recognise who I am and hopefully see me as a largely positive representation of the gaming community.

DA page : http://moonfoxultima.deviantart.com/
FB page : http://www.facebook.com/KatyuskaMoonFox


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