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Interview Demoiselle Cosplay (USA)

Here comes the interview of the gorgeous Demoiselle from USA :) !

1. For how long have you been in cosplay ?

I've been cosplaying since 2011, though I only started making the majority of my costumes in 2013.

2. Cosplay is a time consuming hobby. how long does it take to craft your costumes ?

It fluctuates, honestly, because deadlines always have a way of kicking me into gear and forcing me to finish projects, but I usually like to spend about a month here and there on smaller costumes. Some of my bigger, more elaborate ones I'll usually spend a few months of slow progress on. 

3. Any other hobby or passion besides cosplaying ?

I love to write! I've enjoyed writing for a large portion of my life, be it anything from personal short stories to fanfiction. 

4. What materials are you using for cosplay crafting, worbla ? Foam ? Can you talk about that a little bit ? I've seen we have transparent worbla now...

I definitely still have a lot more to learn and experiment with when it comes to crafting with materials other than fabric, but I really enjoy using foam and paper mache techniques! I've played around with Wonderflex quite a bit as well, and I even got a taste of using transparent worbla when making light covers for a costume. 

5. Do you have any FAVORITE cosplayer ?

I can't really say I have a favourite cosplayer, but I definitely admire the work of a lot of cosplayers, whether or not they're my friends or people whose work simply inspires me. I like to draw motivation and inspiration from everyone I come across in this hobby, and I guess in a way that makes me a fan of them all.

6. Did you hurt yourself while making a cosplay or in a convention ?

I feel like every time I'm crunching on costumes right before a convention, I end up injured in some way. Cosplay making and wearing has even left a few scars here and there! I've suffered countless pinpricks and heat gun burns, but they all make funny stories after a while. At least I can say that my days of cosplaying will stick with me forever!

7. Do you sell your old cosplays, or just keep it in a huge closet :D ?

I've sold a few, but most of the ones I've made myself I keep for sentimental purposes, as well as the fact that a lot of my earlier costumes may not be constructed well enough to toss onto someone else. A personal goal of mine is to actually have my costumes constructed in a way that makes them worthy of a new owner after I'm done with them!

8. Who teached you to craft your cosplays ? Your family ? By reading books or watching youtube tutorials ?

When I was very young, about six years old, my next door neighbor taught me how to sew. She had a grandchild about my age, so when I came to visit, she'd sit us both down and teach us how to follow a pattern and stitch by hand. I thank her a lot for how much I came to enjoy sewing and crafting! When it comes to using a machine, I took a very brief class on the basic mechanics, and taught myself the rest of the way through online tutorials. Pinterest has become one of my best resources!

9. Which conventions are you going to this year ?

At the moment I'm planning to attend Wondercon, Fanime, Colossalcon, Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, and Dragon*Con! There may be a few small conventions in between as well.

10. What is your limit budget for a cosplay ?

It usually depends on the costume, and how many other costumes I'm juggling at the time! For smaller costumes, I usually try not to exceed $150, but for more elaborate ones my limit has been up to $400. I usually keep money I have to dish out on cosplay pushed aside as well, which keeps me within my realms of budgeting. 

11. Any future super secret cosplay project in mind ?

It wouldn't be much of a secret if I told you, would it? Jokes aside, I usually have a lot of trouble keeping my costumes secret and I enjoy sharing progress, so I don't at the moment! 

12. What are you doing in "real" life for a living ?

Cosplay and my real-life work actually tend to intermingle! I do booth worth for Epic Cosplay Wigs, so a lot of it ties together. 

13. You best souvenir from a convention ? And your worst ?

The best souvenir I've ever brought home from a convention was a badge signed by a good number of the guests attending Summoner'sCon! It's a very fond memory to me since I had the opportunity to actually speak and connect with many content creators and voice actors for League of Legends in a fairly casual setting. The worst would definitely be a great number of bruises and hot glue burns from a few of my not-so-proudest moments. 

14. Any advice for cosplay wannabees or beginners ?

My best advice is to keep in mind that cosplay is, and always will be, a growing and learning experience. Like most skills, even the best of the best still have a lot to learn, and I feel like the best thing you can do as a cosplayer is give yourself goals and achievements to strive for!

15. Do you have limits ? Some cosplays you will never make (too sexy, too hard, too heavy...) ?

One of my personal limits is very expansive armor, for both the fact that the designs don't usually appeal to me, and that they seem very uncomfortable to wear! I'd gladly make a set for somebody, but I'm not so sure I'd ever wear it myself.

Her facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/DemoiselleCosplay/

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