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Interview de Jenn Croft (USA)

Here is the interview of the famous Jenn Croft, it was made in october 2018. It's Tomb Raider oriented, not the classic set of questions. She's gone from social media for a year now... but here it is, about time I put that out ! Hope you will read that Jenn, and thank you again !

1. What was your first Tomb Raider videogame ? On which platform ?

The first Tomb Raider game I played was The Last Revelation for the PS1.

2. What do you think of the reboot trilogy ? The old Lara was better ? Or the new one ?

I do like the reboot Lara, though I was skeptical when it was first rebooted. These days I feel like reboot Lara has what classic Lara lacked, yet I feel that classic Lara had all the things that reboot Lara currently lacks. One day I would like to see a balanced mix of the two, and I think that the best version of Lara has yet to come.

3. In the past we had an official Lara model. Last in date was Alison Carroll back in 2008. Do you think it would be cool to have it back or maybe the cosplayers have replaced the models ?

As much as I love the official cosplay ambassador program and everything it offers to the cosplay community, there is a part of me that is nostalgic for the official models, since they all did such an amazing job portraying Lara. And I remember the big reveals they would have for them was just incredibly exciting. I remember being a teenager and so excited about the new model, wanting to learn everything I can about them. They were kinda my heros. I think that I would be happy with either program, just as long as there was someone out there, bringing Lara to life. 

4. How many Lara costumes have you made ?

Honestly, I don't even know. I never kept track of how many I made, and over the last 18 years, I have remade my classic Lara costume more times than I can count. I have made most of the classic CORE Lara outfits with the exception of some of the Chronicles ones, and the TR2 wetsuit (which I'd love to do). I would also love to do the Underworld wetsuit. 

5. You craft your costumes and the props too ? Can you talk a little about the materials and methods you are using ?

Yes, I used to just modify existing items but I have worked very hard on my crafting skills and can now pattern and sew clothes, as well as do wood working and sculpting, casting, and molding. I was very lucky to have good friends help me out throughout the years, by showing me new tricks like leatherworking and sewing techniques. My favorite material for making gunbelts is thick veg tanned leather, and my favorite prop making material is liquid resin. 

6. Which conventions do you plan to attend in the near future ? Would you consider to come in Belgium ?

My convention plans are usually pretty last minute and so at the moment I don't have any future convention plans, but one day I would LOVE to go to a European convention like FACTS. It looks like it has such a great vibe based on the experiences of friends who go to it. 

7. What do you do in real life for a living ?

I am a full time college student, working on computer science and mathematics degrees. 

8. I think you have a Lara collection ! Can you talk about it ? What do you have, statues and everything ?

My collection is pretty minute compared to some of the big collectors I have met. Most of my items are swag from shows over the years, but I do have a penchant for the old comic book Lara art, such as Adam Hughes and Andy Park art. I would love to one day invest in more of it, and I would love to be able to get a couple of the Sideshow Collectables statues. My most prized piece is probably my Michael Turner sealed Tomb Raider #25 comic.

9. Do you think we will have more TR games with a "back to the roots" Lara ? Holding 2 guns... runnning and shooting dinosaurs ?

I hope so!! With all my heart, I really hope we do. I really would love to see a  more modernized version of classic Lara in some Tomb Raider game in the future.

10. Are you planning new cosplays from the last game - Shadow of the TR ?

I would really love to make her Dia De Los Muertos outfit, and I'm really digging that black and blue version of her shadow tank, so perhaps I will do one or both of those.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do an interview with you! It's always a pleasure !

Her deviantart page : https://www.deviantart.com/jenncroft

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